Glorious Garlic

All 8 beds of garlic are harvested and drying in the hay loft of our barn.  A perfect place: dry, relatively cool and breezy and out of the sun (darkness makes for not-so-great photos).  It was a beautiful harvest this year and one of our best yet.  The early spring made for an early start to the garlic growing season and 2 beds/row were set up for cultivating to keep weed pressure down.  The first harvested garlic is drying down and we are starting to clean and size it all for seed, CSA boxes, and the rest will go to the Garlic Festival in Hutchinson in just 2 weeks, Sat. Aug 14!  Come on down and visit Laura there.  We will have a lot of nice garlic for sale, plus other fine produce from our farm (I’m expecting we’ll have a lot of sweet corn and tomatoes to bring as well–goes great with roasted garlic). 

The Garlic Festival also boasts some of the best food I’ve had: local Twin Cities chefs prepare garlic-themed dishes with local, sustainable ingredients.  Last year, the garlic sausage from Mike Phillips was to die for, and the sweet corn with roasted garlic butter and a Thousand Hills Roast Beef sandwich made it right up there as well.  Top the afternoon off with garlic Cedar Summit ice cream and call it a damn good day.

1 comment to Glorious Garlic

  • I’m so bummed I’m going to be out of town for this year’s Garlic Festival! I went last year and was amazed at all the local fare.

    If you have any leftover garlic from the event feel free to throw it in my CSA box… :)


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