More about Loon Organics New Farm Journals -To get a history about how L.O. got started up in 2005 you can check out a new farmer column Laura wrote for the New Farm website. Beginning Farmer Case Study--Loon Organics was the first in an on-line beginning farmer case study series published by MISA.  From the case study: "Describes how Adam and Laura became interested in farming, how they got their training, and how they transitioned from farming on land rented from mentors to buying their own 40-acre farm." The Perennial Plate: Journey From Farm to Market--  Daniel Klein's sustainable food documentary chronicles the journey from Loon Organics farm to Mill City Farmers Market. Electric Tractor Article --  A brief profile on how we transitioned one of our gasoline tractors to be electric powered.  Here is where we learned How to Convert to an Electric Tractor. Farmer to Farmer Podcast-- Laura Frerichs on Growing Quality Produce and a Quality Life. Loon's TasteMaker Column at The Spirited Table website features recipes and stories that flow with the seasons. Photos Minnesota Cooks:  Loon Organics and Spoonriver Restaurant were featured as month September in '09-'10. More Loon Farm photos from 2005-2009 are on our picasa page. We Sell Here Harvest Moon Co-op: The newest Twin Cities co-op in Long Lake on old Highway 12.  We deliver weekly produce to Harvest Moon. Mill City Farmers Market--You'll find Loon Organics here every Saturday from May to mid-October.  The market overlooks the Mississippi River and Stone Arch Bridge.  Located between the new Guthrie Theatre and the Mill City Museum. Find Food Here Local Harvest--Search the listings here to find food near you. Organizations Supporting Truly Sustainable, Family farms: Land Stewardship Project Sustainable Farming Association of MN Slow Food USA - MN Chapter Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) The Greenhorns &  National Young Farmers Coalition: Supporting young farmers in America